All Night Prayer Vigil
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The following CD’s **  are available at CDBABY.COM, it has not been determined at this point as to whether the others will be made available.  Preview them on the website.

These CD’s are prayers or narrations by Gloria of the books by Gloria. 

A few songs are sung without musical instruments these are in italics. Please note these CD’s are homemade by Gloria and have no musical instruments in them. 

Come to the Wedding was put together in ten minutes, it is primarily scripture. 

Finding Mary was going to be spoken, I had a distinct thought not my own that said to me “sing” and so I did.   I  believe Lord led me to sing, so this is it.   May the Lord Bless you indeed!

**Vol 1 - Come to the Wedding - Prayers leading to perfection (approx 68 min)  

                1.  Armor  2.  Obedient Mind  3.  Treasures  4.   Increase in Me 

      5.  Consecration  6.  I Love You Lord  7.  Come to the Wedding 

      8. Jerusalem  9.  Mysteries of Illumination  (scriptural style rosary) 

    10.  Do Not Be Hid from Me


  Vol 2 - The Sign of Jonah  - Repent in Sackcloth & Ashes

  Vol 3 - Exalt the Bread of Life - Eat of the Living Bread (Born again Bread)

  Vol 4 - Who is the King? 

  Vol 5 - Break Every Yoke

  Vol 6 – This one will probably not be made available – it is the narration of the Book

                of Tobit or The Book of Tobis in the Old Testament, one of my favorites.  

                This book has good advise to those ready to get

                married in offering their marriage to the Lord and asking for Blessing of children

                out of love and not lust through fasting and prayer.   Angel Raphael says that

                people get married out of lust like mules and horses.

**Vol 7 - Why the Hail Mary? The Call to Heaven! (approx 70 min)

            1.  The Hail Mary   2.  Why the Hail Mary?   3.   Be Not Hid from Me 

            4.  Ven Maria  5.  Psalm 116:15    6.  Finding Mary   7.  Circle to the Most Greatest Hope  

            8.  The Call to Heaven  9.  I Love You Lord  10. Honor thy Father and thy Mother

            11. From Darkness into Light 12. Important Notice say "Yes" 

            13. Concluding Prayer from Who is the King?

**  Loves’ True Desire