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WE LAY DOWN OUR CROWN (PLUS) started out being only the prayers of the book entitled ONE. I intended it only for my use. This book was previously entitled HEARTFELT PRAYERS PLUS(Plus). It was renamed on August 22, 2005, as inspired on the Feast of The Queenship of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the week following the message of “Who Is The King” which was inspired on the Feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin

Mary. I have not changed the short cut reference of “(PLUS)” to the new name, basically because I wanted to leave the seed, or thought, that the Lord can do all things and give life to whatever He pleases(PLUS+). We must always remember that the Lord is unlimited in what He can do, and more creative than our limited minds can conceive. I pray you will not be confused. The addendums were added after the Lord sealed it. Thank you Lord for hearing my prayer.

Somehow, the Lord had me include more prayers, confessions, talks about being a Prisoner of the Lord, being Born Again and The Real Born Again. It is truly amazing! This book is a sandwich to ONE, in other words, it was written while ONE was still in progress, so both books have some common things in them. It was this book that was continued until the miracles happened.

After that, I stopped touching this book and started “Additional Notes of Interest” and more in ONE. As time passed, I selected a few things from this book and put it in ONE, believing I was not going to do anything with PLUS. I was even afraid to make corrections in this book, obvious misspelling etc. since it was SEALED BY THE SPIRIT OF GOD. I felt as if I had no authority

to do that, and no authority to do anything else to this book. I fixed very little so there are many mistakes but it is understandable. I laid this book down for over a year, not knowing what to do with it, since the Lord tore off the copyright page and SEALED IT as observed on page 143. The following explains four miracles that occurred in this book:

On May 24th, 2004 I woke up early to write a prayer for Deacon Alan entitled Fruitful Harvest. That same morning (1) the Lord used my hands to type “SEALED BY THE SPIRIT OF GOD” on page 143, where copyright is dedicated to God. (2) Also on page 143, He changed the words IN GOD WE TRUST to JESUS I TRUST IN YOU! I did not think to do that. (Note: Since the Lord changed the triangle in WE LAY DOWN OUR CROWN (PLUS), I voluntarily changed the triangle in ONE, the first book I copyrighted. It however is not sealed as is PLUS, but I do believe it is just as inspired, PLUS originally started out being only prayers from ONE. When I was assembling the book He tore off the first page of the book, which included the worldly copyright. (4) There was also a merging of three prayers I call a miracle, as mentioned in the next paragraph.

In the miracle prayer the Lord combined parts of three prayers in WE LAY DOWN OUR CROWN, entitled after the three from which it was derived. The title in itself is an awesome message!! BE EXALTED, BREAD OF LIFE, I LOVE YOU LORD! The Lord put two page 91’s in PLUS. I hope the publishers will be able to imitate the miracle, if you see two page 91’s it is, the second being after page 109. This book has been modifi ed to refl ect the new prayer, but the miracle change in page numbers will not be shown, again, unless the publisher can imitate it. The miracle occurred on hand bound books I produced myself. Every payday, I would make around twenty books and gave them away. I have personally coil bound my books before publication; I even had a book cover. On book fold pages they are all consecutively numbered in groups of four, I do not cut them, I do not have a cutter, so I fold each page individually, put them side by side and coil bind them. The funny thing is that three of the

pages were okay 109, 91,111,112, and the change actually makes sense. We must Love and Exalt Our Bread of Life! Begin your transformation and illumination with deep Love and compassion being of humble and contrite heart receiving life itself. Make God your priority!

Could it be that this seed, this Eucharistic Host, will rise within us, transform us, illuminate us and make of us “a holy thing”. Indeed, it is true! Trust in the Lord for He is Good!  Exalted is Our Creator who brings life to whatever He pleases! He is the God of Impossibilities! Blest is He who comes in the Name of the Lord! Alleluia! The Bread of Life can probably be understood by some religions as a “Born Again Piece of Bread”.

In the prayer “The Bread Of Life” the Lord had me praying transformation during Holy Communion. I believe we must be transformed into “ that holy thing which … born in thee shall be called the Son of God” Luke 1:35. “Corruption must put on incorruption, and this mortal must put on immortality” 1Cor15:43.

This verse emphasizes the need for repentance and becoming transformed into a “Son of God”. Incorruption and immortality? I believe this is when we are possessed by God alone. When we are a prisoner of the Lord. How do we get there? First we have to love God above all things and above each other. Love Him with all your heart mind and soul, we must ask Him to help us. We also have to give Our Free Will to the Lord. Plus has prayers that will help. However, only the Lord can lead, no human being can do that for you. The journey is a one on one. The journey is enriched by living in the fruits of the Spirit and through Longsuffering. We must be broken like a wild horse, like the Bread was broken at the

last supper, like Jesus was broken on the cross. We must submit to Our Gracious God, resisting, rebuking and renouncing the devil.

Our desire to love Him must be great and our repentance deep and contrite. Become His possession! Not by might nor power, but by My Spirit says the Lord! Receive The Bread of Life! Without Holy

Communion you are dead!!! Unleavened or Leaven or both? Even the bread seems divided. Catholic - Roman or Orthodox? Baptist, Lutheran, Pentecostal, even among other churches! These are all differences of the flesh! Christians are divided! May the Lord lead you in His Way to the Truth and in His Light.

The following are the prayers BE EXALTED! And I LOVE YOU LORD in their entirety. Both of these prayers are part of the miracle prayer on page 109. The Bread of Life is already presented in full on pages 90-92.


Most Beloved Heavenly Father Be Exalted

Holy Trinity, I love You!

My Creator, Be Praised!

Living Word enter my mind

Maker of all Things, Be Glorified!

Heavenly Father of all children on Earth,


Bless and claim each and everyone of us as Your own

Be the Great Father in my family, the Head of my house

Merciful and Holy are You

Wonderful, Wondrous, Beautiful Savior

God of Love Consume Me!

King of Kings

Lord of Lords

Hail to You Lord Jesus Christ

Manifestation as Son of God, be Glorified

Manifestation as Holy Spirit, be the Light in my life

Manifestations of the Holy Trinity Illuminate the Earth

Manifestation of the 2nd Coming, Leave no one behind;

Please Rescue all of us, once and for all

Conqueror of all my enemies Be Praised and Glorified

My provider, My Healer

My all in all

My every breath

King of My Heart, Ruler and Lord of My Life

Purpose of my being

Giver of Peace

The Love in my Life

Lamb of God

Prince of Peace who came to take away the sins of the world

Forgive me my sins!

Increase in Me and be Glorified

Exalted Love, be forever Praised,

and in my life continuously increase!


I love you Lord,

from the deepest darkest depth of my being;

I love you Lord, with every breath I take;

I love you Lord, with every beat of my heart;

I love you Lord, with

and in the total essence of my creation;

I love you Lord, for my existence and

all that you have desired of my existence;

Oh Lord, accumulate the love, affection and adoration all creation

offers one to another


and to You, and let me love you more than that;

Oh My Dearest & Beloved Essence of my being,

Outpour your immense love upon my heart mind body and soul

that I may love you as you love me;

Exalted love, my love exalts you;

Glorious love, my love glorifies you;

Immeasurable love, may I love you immeasurably;

Loving “I” of my heart, Loving “I” of my soul, Great “I” who

is, was and will always be the Great “I AM” of all existence, I

worship you, I praise You, I love you beyond love;

Marvelous, Miraculous, Magnificent, Joyous, Wondrous, Fulfilling

love, let my cup overflow and consume me with the fire of your

burning love;

Oh my love, who bore all for me;

I return all that I bear to You in sacrifice for the Poor Deceased

Souls, I return to you all that you came to redeem that they also

may be set free. My love, my life, my burdens, my illnesses, my

worldly love, my worldly pleasures, my ego, my free will, my

pride, my unbelief, my torments, my resentments, every drop of

blood that I shed, every bad habit, my unworthiness,

Oh Lord may these sacrifices be acceptable to you on their behalf

and on behalf of my special intentions (name them).

Make me worthy.

Sacrificial love beyond understanding,

I offer to you the sacrifice of life.

Great and Worthy are you who deserves all the glory,

praise and honor,

who deserves our love

without question and without measure,

Oh Lord let us love you,

teach us to love you more than we have ever imagined;

God of all creation;

God so humble and true;

God so revenant and Holy;

God, in your likeness make me like you;

Holy and true, pleasing and

loving You in ways that only you would understand.

Oh sweet death, come before me


and let the Lord deal with you,

that I may truly die to this world and

have Life in Him who is Glorious beyond belief,

who is true to His Word,

who is Gracious and pours His grace upon us;

Oh Beloved, consume me, penetrate me,

be one with me, You are my ultimate desire,

I thirst and crave for You.

You are the Passion of my being.

I long for YOU!

I adore You! I love You! I hope for You!

Oh Gracious love, lead me to Your Glory.

Be merciful and Save all souls, come to their aid,

let your victory be made known.

In the name of Jesus. Blessed Mother Mary Pray for us.


What? Exalt a piece of Bread?

Yes, a Born-again Bread

On June 21st, 2004, I went to the adoration chapel. When ever I would go to the chapel in prior visits, I would focus on the Lord loving Him and praying pleading for increased love, faith or the splinters to be removed from myself, many similar prayers are in this book. However, after the miracle of the three prayers in this

book, I had a different view. I found it difficult to exalt a piece of bread, much like, it is difficult for people to love God because they cannot see Him. Knowing the Lord, knew me better than I know myself, I repented and asked the Lord to help me exalt the Bread of Life. This is what the Lord had me write at the adoration chapel:


My Baby

Oh My precious baby

Holding you in my arms

Defenseless and so lovingly I embrace you.

Just born you are helpless

Your head I have to hold

And near my heart,

loves sweet beat comforts both

Revealing Unconditional love,

total dependence

Engaged in new sight of responsibility

Love has shown itself without restraint

Innocent Love, infant love

weak yet strong

Free and without reservations untold

Willingly our love deepens

without question or measure.

My Beloved Lord,

in Your likeness

You have allowed me to bear fruit in my womb


in Your same likeness,

Blessed are You who gives life,

and whose greatness is not understood

except for the small measure we are given to compare.

Thank You Father, Son and Holy Ghost

for the gift of life,

the gift of love and

for allowing me to partake in such delight.

The Eucharistic Host

Oh my Exalted Eucharistic Host

My Seed of Life unseen

My Infant Inward

Appearing defenseless yet defending

What Seed enters my mouth

What King enters this tomb

Accepting You in my mouth

Make me holy and true, loving and pure

The embrace of my tongue You receive

With sweet alms and reverence

Eucharistic love returns to me

Such sweet high, mystical ecstasy,

so loving a communion

Love beyond love ignites

Life beyond Life recognized

Oh what Heavenly Bread is this

What food has nourished me

What Glorious King arises within

Oh my beloved , My soul is Yours

My fl esh and body too

What greatness is this within me

Oh beloved consumed by Your presence

Nothing else matters


There is no other want

Oh Love Everlasting

Do not leave me

Be my strength, Be my all

Gracious, Immortal Beautiful Savior

My Want Of You Is Without Ceasing

My Love, My Light

Let Us Be One Throughout Eternity.

Arise and remain within me;

Let us be whole.

In the Name of Jesus.

The following was taken from ADDENDUM IX

– The Fifth Joyful Mystery – Finding of Jesus in the Temple.

These words were given to Sr. Faustina and compiled by Deacon

Alan Fitzpatrick in his meditations of the rosary exalting the Lord

in the form of Bread.

8. They treat Me as a dead object, whereas My Heart is full of love and

mercy. In order that you may know at least some of My pain, imagine the

most tender of mothers who has great love for her children, while these

children spurn her love. Consider her pain. No one is in a position to

console her. This is but a feeble image and likeness of My love.

Diary ¶1447 (Brief pause) Hail Mary…

9. You see, although there appears to be no trace of life in Me, in reality

it is present in its fullness in each and every Host.

Diary ¶1420 (Brief pause) Hail Mary…

10. Write for the benefit of religious souls that it delights Me to come to

their hearts in Holy Communion. But if there is anyone else in such a

heart, I cannot bear it and quickly leave that heart, taking with Me all the

gifts and graces that I have prepared for that soul. And that soul does

not even notice My going.

Diary ¶1683 (Brief pause) Hail Mary…

All Night Prayer Vigil
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